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There are many reasons why you should become an apprentice.

Your first step on the career ladder

Getting on the first rung of the career ladder can be tough. By doing an Apprenticeship, you will make that all-important first step into the working world. You will be employed for at least 30 hours per week so you will get real work experience which is important for your CV.

Learn and earn

We all love the independence that money brings. So the good news is that all apprentices get paid! Midlands Apprenticeships encourages the companies we work with to pay all their apprentices National Minimum Wage or better for their age rather than Apprenticeship rate. The hourly National Minimum Wage you receive depends on your age. For those aged under 18 it’s £3.87, 18-20 year olds receive £5.30 and those aged over 20 get £6.70. The Apprenticeship rate is £3.30 for those aged under 19 or for individuals in the first year of level 2 or 3 apprenticeships.

Paid holidays

It is not all work with an Apprenticeship, you get lots of play time too. In fact, all apprentices receive a minimum of 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.

Recognised qualifications

All Apprenticeships include both nationally-recognised knowledge and competency qualifications, as well as Functional Skills, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and Employer Rights and Responsibilities. So you will also gain lots of qualifications to add to your CV too.

Excellent future prospects

Doing an Apprenticeship offers you excellent future job prospects. In 2013, 73% of apprentices stayed working for the same organisation after completing their training, showing that the likelihood of getting a longer term job is high.†

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* Source: the Department for Business Innovation & Skills Apprenticeship Pay Survey 2012
† Source: the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, Apprenticeships Evaluation Survey: Employer, August 2013.