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Employer responsibility

Are my responsibilities as an employer the same for an apprentice?

Yes, your responsibilities are the same as for any individual you employ. However, you will have a number of formal obligations:

  • An induction is very important for both you and your new apprentice. It is a chance for your new staff member to get a real understanding of their role and the work they will be doing. Midlands Apprenticeships will carry out a full induction with you and your new employee.
  • This will include:
    • apprentice, employer and training provider responsibilities
    • Health & Safety responsibilities
    • on and off the job training
    • framework qualifications
    • guided learning hours
    • the process for review of progress
    • additional support.
    • Provide on-the-job training and support the apprentice in the workplace through regular mentoring, conducting reviews and monitoring their progress.
    • Ensure your apprentice is allowed the time for their training and study towards the qualifications.
    • Ensure their role develops in a way that covers the various aspects of the Apprenticeship.
    • Pay the wages of your apprentice. We encourage the companies we work with to pay all their apprentices at least the National Minimum Wage for their age rather than Apprenticeship rate. The hourly National Minimum Wage depends on their age. For those aged under 18 it is £3.87, 18-20 year olds receive £5.30 and those aged 21 and over get £6.70. The Apprenticeship rate is £3.30 for those aged under 19 or for individuals in the first year of level 2 or 3 apprenticeships.
    • Give your apprentice at least 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays.
    • Pay your apprentice Statutory Sick Pay, unless you have been employed for less than three months.
    • Only dismiss an apprentice for the most serious cases of misconduct.
    • Only make an apprentice redundant in the case of a workplace closure.

The coaching and mentoring of your apprentice will enhance their experience and make them more productive for your business. Why not consider a Coaching or Mentoring vocational qualification for a member of your team who will be directly responsible for the apprentice? Midlands Apprenticeships can deliver this training for you – contact us for more details.