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Progress Reviews

Reviews are an important part of the learning process and need to be carried out on a regular basis as defined by the funding provider and the SFA. These will be carried out at the assessor visit every 4 weeks. As well as being able to track an apprentice’s progress and ensure they are hitting their targets, the reviews also allow the apprentice to voice any concerns about the programme – whether they may need more support, or need to be undertaking different jobs to obtain the correct evidence, etc.

Reviews must be recorded and documents signed by the apprentice, employer and assessor. The review must:

  • Identify the progress made to date and between reviews for each learning aim
  • Reflect on progress towards the learning goals
  • Review the Individual Learning Plan
  • Set realistic but challenging and measureable targets to be achieved for the next review
  • Reinforce Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety

The reviews provide a timely progress record in which we use a RAG (Red, Amber and Green) system to monitor.